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Welcome to the FIMR/HIV National Resource Center’s E-Learning Toolbox! These interactive learning modules allow you, your teams, and your community to learn asynchronously about the FIMR/HIV methodology. You can use these modules to help orient new team members, maternal interviewers or data abstractors to the FIMR/HIV process. You can also direct community stakeholders to different modules such as the “Introduction to FIMR/HIV” so they may learn about the methodology and its benefits.

If you’re new to the methodology, we suggest you begin with Module 1 and view each module in order from there. Just click the “launch” button to begin!

Module 1: Introduction to FIMR/HIV

Introduction to FIMR/HIV methodology, what you need before you start, and the benefits of implementing FIMR/HIV in your community


Module 2: Data Gathering: Case Identification and Priority Assessment

Identification and prioritization of cases for data collection and review


Module 3: Data Gathering: Medical Record Abstraction

Data abstraction process, staffing and best practices


Module 4: Data Gathering: Maternal Interview

Maternal interview process, staffing, and best practices


Module 5: Case Review Team

Case Review Team process, membership, and meeting best practices


Module 6: Community Action Team

Community Action Team process, membership, and meeting best practices

elearning toolbox

Please note that these interactive modules include some activities that require completion before advancing through the module. Each module contains a transcript of the audio for your reference. You can access the transcript by clicking the transcript button within the module screen.

If you are experiencing any issues accessing or viewing the modules, or if you have any feedback to guide us in the creation of new e-learning modules, please contact Regan Johnson at 402-552-9590 or regan.johnson@unmc.edu


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